What’s that sound?–The buzz about Social Media and its impact on the Music Industry

 These days it seems as though Social Media is solely the corruption of this generation. It basically denotes conformity as well as triviality but what we fail to realize is that certain forms of social media and networking are actually rectifying the aspects that really matter. Instead of blaming the media for corrupting the youth, we need to start focusing on what the youth is doing with the media and how they are interpreting it and base our judgment off of what we find. Music is the universal language shared between all walks of life. Through music comes expression, and because of all of the Social Media platforms that we have today, it is becoming easier to create, enjoy, and allocate all sorts of genres and sounds.


What does it mean to be successful in the music industry today?

The music industry was always cutthroat and extremely competitive, being successful meant that you had to sell a certain amount of records in order to persevere and keep the crowd interested. You would have to change your lyrics so that it was versatile and family friendly or radios would not play your sound. Times have changed:

 1. Social Media has changed the music industry by way of legal sharing, i.e: Myspace music, Sound Cloud,  Spotify, Pandora, Apple music, etc.

Apple Music grants access to over 30 million songs and allows users to connect, new artists to be heard, and for families to be able to enjoy songs together. Spotify, with their core idea that, “all the music you’ll ever need is right here” makes discovering new music that much easier. Pandora, the Internet radio, is a music streaming service that allows people to make playlists and purchase songs to support upcoming and well-known artists. Although these are some amazing creations, the application that really takes the cake is Sound Cloud. It is a global online audio distribution platform. People can share their home-created audio with local, as well as international, users and get your music into the world.

2. Streaming is close to being the number one way of obtaining media.

3. The impact on the entertainment industry has been altered. For musicians, their rate of album sales change, and their income is drastically improved. Musicians no longer have to rely solely on the general public to spread their music around, they are doing it themselves.

4.  The recording process has become localized due to advancements in technology. Websites like reverbnation, bandcamp, and kickstarter allow smaller bands to get their music out to the world and advocate alone. Kickstarter, a funding platform for creative projects, allows you to stream, share, and mingle with other artists, musicians, and film makers. Bandcamp allows bands to share their music and have their fans follow them through their progress.  Fans can discover new music from small bands and directly support the artists. ReverbNation’s about page states, “Since 2006, ReverbNation has helped millions of emerging Artists build their careers. We’ve connected Artists to venues, festivals, brands, publishers, labels, and the fans themselves. ReverbNation’s mission puts Artists First.” This is a huge step towards progressing and learning to accept social media, not only for its easy ‘trolling’ abilities but its aptitude to provide an improvement within the world.




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