“If she’s cute and single, she’s crazy”–Memes and how we perceive humor in today’s society

In today’s society women are often judged solely on the amount of make-up they wear instead of their character. People care more about what a woman had for dinner the previous night than the conversation she had five minutes before. We tell teenage girls that it is wrong to gain weight, and TV shows, as well as, magazines show them that in order to be pretty or successful, you must have an amazing body. In pressuring young ladies and women to look, think, and act a certain way, we are manifesting a false sense of reality for them which means that they will advance through their lives believing that it is all one big competition. We seem to appropriate rape culture, objectification, and the demeaning of women more and more each day. The way we perceive humor these days is almost cynical, with memes and quotes that tend to disregard women’s rights and feelings. A meme (pronounced ‘meem’) is a humorous image or video where some kind of sarcastic, funny, or offensive text is written on it, and once created, it is spread almost immediately by internet users (definition courtesy of: Dictionary.com). Memes are an extremely popular form of comedy that has altered social interaction, and out of all of the memes that offend or poke fun at the way women carry themselves, there is one that tends to show up way more than others:

(Just Post)

This meme right here is where we, the people as a whole, should take a step back and re-evaluate what we glorify to be funny and acceptable. The fact that we joke about an attractive and single woman being crazy makes the assumption that:

#1. As women, we owe you something:

We do not owe you ANYTHING, as a fellow woman I am tired of hearing the notion that we are basically put on this earth to provide for the likes of men and to have children. Just to clarify some things that may or may not have to do with this (leaving this up to interpretation), is the fact that the friend zone does not exist. As women we have the choice to date whoever we want and we are allowed to have platonic male relationships. This idea of the friend zone is disregarding a woman’s feelings and basically stating that a guy is only nice because he wants to ‘get’ with us or because a guy is nice to us and treats us as an equal then, we should automatically date them. I believe that this idea is almost parallel to the whole meme situation, just because she is hot and single, does not mean she is psychotic. There are many reasons an attractive woman may be single: 1. She is happy by herself 2. She is her own ‘other half’ or maybe she isn’t missing a piece at all. 3. Maybe she likes cats more than you.

#2. A woman’s sanity is defined by her relationship:

What if the reason she’s hot and single is because she doesn’t need a guy to make her feel complete? Nowadays the age where is it reasonable to begin to use social media has drastically decreased and our youth is exposed to everything that appears on these platforms. Which means that girls and boys from ages 12 and up are seeing how women are being treated on these sites and it leaves them vulnerable to adapting with the mindset in which, a woman’s worth is less than a man’s. From a young age, girls are exposed to an enormous amount of criticism just for being a female and their life choices are decided for them. Women’s fashion and style magazines often contain tips on how to make a guy happy instead of showing women and young girls how sit back and be themselves. They give advice on relationships, break-ups, what women shouldn’t eat, and how to obtain the “right-man”, instead of what they can do in their spare time. An example of this is shown here when girls are given first date tips from seventeen magazine:


FullSizeRender (1)

FullSizeRender (2)

(Seventeen Magazine)

In giving this advice, (on relationships, break-ups etc.), young girls think that all they are supposed to do is have a relationship, instead of watching that movie that will empower them or reading that book that will give them the knowledge to eventually go on and not need men to feel normal or accepted within society. It is bad enough that magazines for women and girls are geared more towards men, we do not need social media platforms spreading this kind of absurd theory where a relationship defines us as a person. We live by the idea that because it is said on a meme, it is acceptable. Memes do not justify the demeaning of women or even offending anyone. Once we begin to understand good humor from offensive humor, that disguises itself as ethical, then we will be on the path to improving our society as well as social media.


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