Personal Statement


 Hey guys, Welcome to my blog! My name is Shaylah Jackson, I am 19 years old (I’ll be 20 on February 4th, so save the date!) and currently a Sophomore at Georgian Court University in Lakewood, New Jersey. I live on campus here at GCU but I was born and raised in New Brunswick, New Jersey. I recently moved to North Brunswick, though, and it is an enormous adjustment because this was my first time (that I can recall) EVER moving–I lived in the same house for 14 years. My major is English with a concentration in Writing and a minor in Holistic Health. At age 4 I picked up my first book–Charlotte’s Web–and at age 6 I acquired my first diary, thus my love for English Literature and writing began. I love everything from Shakespeare and Edgar Allan Poe to Marie de France and Edmund Spenser. Although writing is my first love, I enjoy nature walks, practicing Buddhism, drinking tea, watching anime/scary movies, and playing cello, ukulele, and electric bass. I am vegetarian and I look forward to being a future cat mother. I am a HUGE ambivert (a mixture of introvert and extrovert), I love to sleep and read while being alone but I also adore discussing issues and exchanging views with large groups of people.

After I receive my Bachelor’s Degree, I would like to attend graduate school and enter an MLS (Master of Library Science) program so that I can be on the path to becoming an Academic Librarian. Journalism and publishing are also two things I want to try before jumping into a career, I plan to be able to branch out as much as possible. AmeriCorps Vista is also in my future, I am just unsure whether I want to join before or after graduate school. Education is an extremely important aspect to me because I believe that learning is fun and the only thing we can take to the grave with us is knowledge. I am VERY open-minded and I do not get offended easily, there is no topic that is off-limits to me because I enjoy everyone’s opinions/views and I appreciate feedback as well as criticism. I can write for hours on end, it is my favorite past-time, because I hope to one day publish a book or start my own publishing company. I will be an inspiration to those that view themselves as failures, and I will teach them that success does not come without failure so do not regret anything in life. I feel as though, it is imperative that we take as many risks as we can and if mistakes are made along the way, they will be learning experiences and what-not-to-do guides in the future. We live in a society today where simplicity is expected and the complicated is ignored, I hope to make this blog as interesting as possible with the idea that complications can be simplified with the slightest of tweaks and I would also like to give voices to those that go unheard. Enjoy! Thanks for reading <3.